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Legal Services

Legal Services

Real Estate Law

Real estate has traditionally been an important part of creating wealth. At The Ballard Law Corporation, we understand California and many …
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Estates and Trusts

Estate planning is simply creating your personal plan for your property, person, and family in the event of your disability and after your …
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Business and Corporate Law

Attorneys are often called “counselors.” By emphasizing transactional business and corporate practice without litigation services, The …
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California Privacy Trusts

Deep data searching on the Internet has nearly made privacy a thing of the past. Almost anyone can find the ownership of real estate by …
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Creative Real Estate Deals

Did you attend a seminar or purchase an online course about participating in creative real estate transactions, which few people know …
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Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning used to conjure up images of flying suitcases full of cash to stash away at an exotic tropical island. That …
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