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Did you attend a seminar or purchase an online course about participating in creative real estate transactions, which few people know about or understand how to do in California? Many of these trainers are from out-of-state and don't comprehend how California law and real estate procedures differ from their own state. They often provide sample forms or tactics that won't work in California, at least as provided. Most out-of-state strategies can function in California but require adjustments and different documentation.

A responsible trainer will advise you to seek advice from a real estate attorney in your state. However, most real estate attorneys are unfamiliar with the "creative real estate" strategy being taught and how to make it work in California. Ron Ballard is frequently sought out by out-of-state trainers to customize their courses and documents for California.

Essentially, none of the tactics taught in most seminars and online classes are ever taught in law school, and very few are taught in any kind of continuing education for lawyers. Even though Ronald Ballard has been involved with creative multi-million dollar commercial transactions, his eyes were opened to a much more creative world when he began attending creative real estate seminars and investor groups. It is very difficult to find any California attorney who has attended and participated in more creative real estate deal training than Ron Ballard.

The Ballard Law Corporation can support creative real estate entrepreneurs with many strategies and tactics, including:

  • How to buy with nothing down
  • How to fix-and-flip
  • How to use hard money and private money
  • How to use lease options to control property
  • Wholesaling and “whole-tailing”
  • Novations
  • Seller-financing
  • Purchasing or selling, subject-to existing financing
  • Proper use of land trusts and, more importantly, our proprietary transactional trust
  • Short sale flipping
  • Investing through a self-directed IRA or solo 401k account
  • Master leasing for short-term rentals
  • Joint venture property rehabs with the property owner
  • Purchase and sale of promissory notes
  • Or any of the myriad of tactics being taught online and in live seminars. If we don’t know it already, we will take your course and customize the materials

Some of the tactics are illegal in California because of the way they are implemented out-of-state. Some tactics are legal in California, but other attorneys don’t understand them and will improperly tell you they are illegal. Therefore, to be safe and profitable, check with the Ballard Law Corporation before venturing into the world of creative real estate transactions.

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