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California Privacy Trusts

Deep data searching on the Internet has nearly made privacy a thing of the past. Almost anyone can find the ownership of real estate by address or search by name to find the real estate you or your company own.

The Ballard Law Corporation has created a specialized California Privacy Trust by creating a Title Holding Services Corporation to serve as your title-holding trustee. LLCs and corporations deserve privacy, just as people do. If you or your company are ever sued, one of the first actions a plaintiff's attorney will take is to search for assets to consider how much they might be able to recover if they win in litigation. A plaintiff doesn't even need to win. Often, they will fight hard for a losing case just to force a settlement due to the high costs of defending litigation. Your insurance company isn’t interested in your vindication but in coming to the most cost-effective (for them) resolution of a case. If damages are greater than your insurance coverage, they will pay the policy limit and leave you to fend for the excess.

If the plaintiff's attorney doesn't know how and if they would recover a judgment, they will usually be less aggressive and maybe not even agree to file the lawsuit on contingency. Privacy protection is especially valuable for all kinds of business owners and professionals, such as physicians, contractors, architects, real estate developers, lawyers, food & hospitality manufacturers and any high-risk business or high-wealth person. Ronald Ballard has created Title Holding Services Corporation (THSC) as a nonprofit, mutual-benefit corporation to act as your privacy trustee. These services are more affordable than probably any other professional trustee service.

Trusts have been abused in many ways in the last couple of decades, which has created problems when not properly and professionally prepared. Key aspects of our California Privacy Trusts:

  • Can purchase with privacy from purchase offer to closing
  • title can be fully insured
  • Purchase financing is possible
  • Re-financing is possible
  • Can protect one or more individual owners’ identities from public records
  • Can protect any kind of entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.) from public records
  • Keeps SDIRA and solo 401k ownership of property (or loans) private
  • Can sell without public disclosure of seller’s identity
  • Can fully control the trust. Not to be confused with “blind trust.”
  • Does not affect income taxes
  • Coordinates fully with estate planning trusts
  • Can also hold personal property, unlike a “land trust.”
  • Especially valuable for celebrities, law enforcement, public office holders, high-net-worth individuals, people in a witness protection program, and simply everyone who appreciates privacy

A California Privacy Trust is not about any kind of income tax evasion or fraudulent transactions. It is about not having your private business all over the public records, which can be searched online in seconds. With a more private profile, you, your company, and your retirement accounts become smaller targets for potential lawsuits.

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